Athletics Stopwatches

For a stopwatch to be suitable for serious athletics timing and coaching, it needs to be able to time in minutes,seconds and 1/100th second. A memory function would also be preferable so that you can recall your lap times and cumulative lap times either during or after the event by using the memory recall function. The running time shown on the stopwatch display should be the cumulative lap running time. Other useful stopwatch functions for coaching include various countdown timer options for training sessions.

If you need to download times from a series of events have a look at the Fastime 26 Data Download Stopwatch with this you can download upto 500 splut times to a Windows based PC for data analysis and/or printing out. Great value too. 

We recommend the Fastime 14 stopwatch if you want to store a series of split times in memory as segments. This means you do not have to recall and write down your memory data before starting the next event. You can store up to 500 split times in memory. If you need a more basic memory function, then consider a dual display stopwatch such as the Fastime 20 stopwatch (10 lap memory). Or a triple display stopwatch such as the Fastime 27 stopwatch (80 lap memory). All our memory stopwatches have similar stopwatch functions but check them out for different additional functions such as the various timer options available.
Alternatively if you just want to take lap or split times without storing them in memory we recommend the Fastime 4 stopwatch or the Fastime DB2 stopwatch. Both have the same functions.

If you would like to time up to 4 athletes in an event have a look the Multichron stopwatch.
If you want a basic stopwatch have a look at the Fastime 01 entry level stopwatch available in black, red, yellow and blue, or the Fastime 1 stopwatch. Both have the same functions but the Fastime 1 is more robust and has a bigger display.


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Fastime 20
5 / 5
AIM MultiChron
4.5 / 5
Fastime 4
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Fastime 20
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Fastime 14
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Fastime 14
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Fastime 20
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Fastime 14
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Fastime 14
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Athletics Stopwatches

Fastime 1 Stopwatch for Athletics

Fastime 1

Cumulative split time stopwatch with time of day and alarm. Large (12.4mm) digits.


ViewRated 4.7 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastim 24 Stopwatch for Athletics

Fastime 24 - Single Event

Professional use single event stopwatch with time out and rear battery hatch.


ViewRated 4.3 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime 4  Stopwatch for Athletics

Fastime 4 split time function

Professional quality cumulative or lap split time stopwatch. Shock and water resistant.


ViewRated 4.5 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime 27 Stopwatch for Athletics

Fastime 27 stopwatch with 80

80 lap memory stopwatch with dual countdown timers, pacer, time of day, alarm and rear battery hatch.


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 2 reviewers
Fastime 26 Stopwatch for Athletics

Fastime 26

Stopwatch with 500 lap memory, data download to PC function and rear battery hatch.


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 5 reviewers
Fastime 14 Stopwatch for Athletics

Fastime 14 500 lap memory

Professional 500 lap stopwatch with repeating countdown/up timer, pacer, speed conversion, stroke rate.


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 34 reviewers
AIM Multichron Multi-Display 100 Lap Stopwatch for Athletics

AIM MultiChron 100 lap

Times up to four competitors (100 laps each) simultaneously, sorts times into


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 4 reviewers


Fastime 20 Stopwatch Reviews

very pleased with great well described stop watch, it does all the functions i need as an athletics coach.
5 david thomas on

AIM MultiChron Stopwatch Reviews

The timer arrived in good time for Xmas - excellent delivery given the time of year , strike problems and the weather. Well pleased with the equipment and the mail delivery.
4.5 James White on

Fastime 4 Stopwatch Reviews

Have two of these watches which I use for timing track sessions and races, they are perfectly adequate for everyday athletics/running training/racing. Using the lap mode enables you to time an effort and the rest interval using one watch, by pressing the lap button, not the stop button.
4.5 P J Stewart on

Fastime 20 Stopwatch Reviews

Wanted a good stopwatch to replace the one that I’d had for years. Plenty of choice and a range of prices to suit. Found one that was suitable for my needs at a great price from Fastime. All for about a fiver. Couldnt beat that anywhere! Great deal methinks!
4 DN on

Fastime 14 Stopwatch Reviews

It performs its functions perfectlly.
4 Joao Queiroz on

Fastime 14 Stopwatch Reviews

A very good stopwatch. Lots of functions, 500 lap/split memory. We use it for running tracks with a lot of athletes. Easy to recall the data of each athlete. Ordering and payment was easy to do. Delivery was prompt.
5 Jan on

Fastime 20 Stopwatch Reviews

Prima service, snelle levering
4.5 Helga on

Fastime 14 Stopwatch Reviews

Great Stopwatch does everything you want and more. highly RECCOMEND
5 Wal on

Fastime 14 Stopwatch Reviews

excellent product and fast service.i use stop watch for use in athletics
4 stephen carroll on

Fastime 24 Stopwatch Reviews

excellent value and stops/starts with simple button sequence, unlike some "better" watches
5 Stephen Rowden on