Decimal Minute Stopwatch
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Decimal Minute Stopwatch

These two decimal minute stopwatches are ideal for work study, work measurement and time and motion work. The Fastime 500DM Decimal minute stopwatch offers a choice of timing options including 1/100th second, 1/100th minute, 1/1000th minute and 1/10,000th of an hour. You can also store sets of times as segments with a 500 memory capacity.

The decimal minute Timer has 25mm digits and also offers a choice of timing options including timing in secods or minutes.

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Fastime 500DM

Professional 500 memory CUM/LAP Split Decimal Minute


Fastime 500DM Fastime 500DM

C5010 Timer

Easy to set and use table top timer. Extra large 25mm


C5010 Timer C5010 Timer

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